No Fracking in Barnsley
don't frack barnsley petition


Online Petitions, letters, social media campaigns etc
Your Support is Vital to Fight Fracking in Barnsley
Lots of us lead really hectic lives so we've put together a few ways you can help fight the frackers - even if you only have a minute or two spare.
Sign our petition
Our petition to Barnsley Council asks them to reject fracking in Barnsley. It currently stands at almost 2500 signatures. Please sign it and pass it on to your friends and family.
Write to councillors, MPs or your MEPs
Express your concerns to the people elected to represent you. You can email them, write to them or see them face to face in their surgeries. The more letters that they receive, the more they will be aware of opposition to fracking. You can use our letter template HERE.
write yo your MP, MEP, counillor
The WriteToThem website allows you to find then email your local representives by entering your postcode.
Can you email your local councillors now and ask
them to speak out against the government’s plans?  via 38 degrees
Social Media
There are lots of people in the area who are unaware of the fracking licences covering the area, so spreading the word would be really helpful to build the No Fracking in Barnsley campaign.
You can                 us on Facebook and                    us on Twitter.
A recent study showed the more people knew about fracking the more they opposed it, so simply sharing articles, petitions and having conversations is action well worth taking.
Lancashire council said NO to fracking. But now the Government plan to overule local democracy. Stop them!  via GREENPEACE


Please send us your photos, write an article or make a video about your concerns. Tell us what you've been doing to raise awareness your ideas to increase awareness.
It'll be great to feature and share local stories.
Please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.
Deliver leaflets
If you're up for going out in the terrible weather, you could deliver leaflets in your own neighbourhood to let people know what's going on. You can create your own or drop us an email and we'll send you some as soon as the next print run is delivered.
Start your own frack free group
Start up a group in your own area, or even your own street. The more small, community based groups there are, the better. We can help you to set up your group, advertise your events and help with flyers.